Spring Fashion // Party Dresses with The Iconic

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Happy Friday! 

TGIF. This week has been kind of crazy, and I hope that this weekend we all get to relax a little bit! For today's post I wanted to do a fashion post (don't worry my next post will be all about beauty). I've been getting more into fashion lately and really want to start doing an OOTD series, what do you guys think?

Anyways, as with getting into more fashion, I have been really loving dresses lately. I've been on the hunt for the perfect party dress for Spring that will transition seamlessly into Summer. I have gotten quite a few stockpiled onto my wishlist now and thought that I could share some of them with you guys. I have a few different categories of party dresses, so without further ado, let's dream of dresses together! All of these party dresses are from The Iconic, which is an Australian Fashion Seller that sells some of the most beautiful pieces. The prices of the dresses have a wide range, which makes it perfect for those of you who may be looking to have an investment piece, and also those who are looking for a bargain.


The perfect dress for daytime, an event or even a wedding. 

Left to right: 


It may have been a while since you've worn colors, due to the fact that we're just leaving Winter. With these colors, you're sure to capture Spring.

Left to right:

For those of you who aren't ready to jump right into the pastel and bright colors, you may want to stick to these black and blue shades. Which are a classic, for whatever time of year. These party dresses are perfect for a night out or an event.

Left to right:
Since it's slowly starting to get warmer, these dresses might be the perfect thing to wear to work. These party dresses can easily transition into the night. 
Left to right:

What's your favorite style of party dress? What dress out of this list would you buy if you could? Let me know in the comments below!  I think my personal favorite is Diana Cold Shoulder dress! Thank you so much for reading, x! I hope you guys have a

All the love, 

** This post has been sponsored by The Iconic. All pictures have come from their website. All opinions are my own. **
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