His & Hers // Valentine's Day Outfits featuring Farfetch

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Happy Saturday! 

How are you guys doing today? I hope that you're well and that this week treated you well. As I'm sure many of you are aware, we are getting dangerously close to the big day. That is Valentine's Day, of course. Do any of you ladies or gents have any exciting plans? Mine will probably include some Netflix #singleladyprobs

Recently, Farfetch reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in putting together some outfit ideas for the big day. I immediately knew that I wanted to get involved in this project because 1) I love to online 'window' shop, and 2) Farfetch is amazing. For those of you who may not know, Farfetch sells a wide collection of luxury brands. I love the idea of this, because you're able to see beautiful pieces from brands ranging from Michael Kors to Saint Laurent and Givenchy. As I'm a daydreamer who is in love with designer things, I immediately started searching for the perfect outfit for ladies as well as the gentlemen.  I will preface that a lot of these items are luxury and therefore expensive, but it's always nice to have some sort of vision board and goals, right?

To start off with, I did the ladies outfit first.

For an overall vision, I decided to stick with something that I would personally wear. Throughout both the female and male outfit choices I wanted to stick to a certain color group. As you may already be able to tell I went with black, shades of pink/red, and gold. Personally I think there is something classic and beautiful about this color combination.

$2, 803.04 (CAD)
I think the most important part about any date night is making sure that you feel comfortable. For me, this screams comfort and also beauty. From the front, you would never really know that this is actually a playsuit. It's so flattering and the perfect 'fake' LBD.

$1,178.63 (CAD)
When looking for jewelry, I wanted something that was beautiful but also subtle and dainty. I also decided that going for matching jewelry in this look would be a good option, especially considering I'm mixing some of the shades of pink. Since the playsuit has a fairly high neck, I wanted a necklace that would be visible not taking over the entire outfit. This pendant drops perfectly and does not have an overly long chain.

 $2,468.49 (CAD)
Since the outfit in this case is overly black, I wanted a real statement bag that would capture the accent color. I also picked this bag because it's extremely eloquent and is perfect for date night. It allows you to carry only the essentials.

$1,315.34 (CAD)
These gorgeous heels give a bit of edge to the outfit with the studs. There also a perfect shade of light pink that will compliment the other shades of pink. Originally, I was also going to include a pair of flats but since I went with the playsuit I thought it was important to accentuate the legs and make them look even better.

$2,915.07 (CAD)
As I mentioned previously, I wanted a matching jewelry theme. These earrings are small enough to not draw attention from the rest of the outfit, while still tying the outfit together.

$2, 168.05 (CAD)
For this look I wanted to give two different jacket options, because depending on the weather you may not want to wear a trench coat. This Burberry jacket will do it's part in keeping you warm, as well as making you look even more put together. I love this option because, like the playsuit, it will take your waist in and will be a great contrast to what's underneath.

$1,403.56 (CAD)
Following the jewelry theme, this bracelet is extremely dainty and since the play suit is sleeveless, it will add an extra element.

$296.58 (CAD)
This style of cardholder is my absolute favorite, because it keeps everything organized and is easily switched between purses. Since our purse for this item is smaller, it will fit perfectly and tie in the black and gold theme. I also love the contrast between the pink purse and black cardholder.

$2,051.35 (CAD)
From the same Astley Clarke collection, this ring will make you look put together and effortlessly beautiful.

$2,919.50 (CAD)
For the final piece of this outfit, I wanted to make sure that there was a second jacket option. This red shade will definitely be an eye-turner and brings a different aspect to the outfit. As with the Burberry trench coat, this peplum styled jacket will help accentuate your waist while still showing off the beautiful detailing in the Alexander McQueen playsuit.

$2,763.12 (CAD)
This classic tuxedo will be a perfect fit for any man. There's something classic and timeless about a guy in a tuxedo (guys take notes). This black suit will fit perfectly will the ladies choice of playsuit.

$309.35 (CAD)
These cufflinks add the perfect hint of gold to the guys outfit, which ties it in with his dates' options in jewelry. They're not too flashy but will bring attention to detail.

$952.49 (CAD)
These polished numbers are the perfect addition to all the mostly all black outfit.

$371.01 (CAD)
When creating this look, I wanted both outfits to tie into each other seamlessly. Since outfit number one is all black with pink accents, it was important that the guy had something unique to tie them together. This pink shirt is subtle and will flow with the Burberry trench coat.

$196.06 (CAD)
This tie was something I went back and forth with a few times. However, I think that this will add yet another aspect of the shades of pink. It's also dark enough, for those guys who may not be so into wearing pink.

$407.37 (CAD)
As soon as I saw this wallet I knew that it had to go into this outfit. I think it's perfect for Valentine's Day, but isn't something that is too girly. It also brings in an aspect of white which lightens this look and will fit perfectly with both outfits.

$2,082.94 (CAD)
Since there are less accessory options for the guys, I knew that a timeless watch had to be added. It's add an element of sleekness to the entire outfit.

$357.70 (CAD)
This pocket square will tie up any loose ends with the suit. The white adds the perfect pop, whilst tying in the red with the tie and his dates outfit.'

** You can now buy Brunello Cucinelli on Spring! Their store just launched with Spring, and if you order through their mobile app you will receive free shipping! For those of you who don't know what Spring is, I highly recommend checking it out. But I will warn you, you may want everything! They have so many designers and brands (Seriously, over 900+ brands!). **

Overall, I think that both of these outfits are beautiful and would be the perfect Valentine's Day attire. What do you guys think of these outfits? What do you and your significant other plan on wearing? Let me know in the comments below! I would also just like to thank the Farfetch team for inviting me to partake in this project. If you haven't checked out Farfetch yet, you definitely should!

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope that you all have a great Valentine's Day!

All the love,

** This post is in response to the Farfetch contest. All opinions are my own. All images are from Farfetch and have been linked accordingly. **
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