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Happy Sunday!

I hope you've had an amazing weekend, and that you kick Monday's butt tomorrow! Today I wanted to share something with you that's a project close to my heart. 

For those of you who may be new, or may not know, I moved away from what I considered to be my home just a little under a year ago. Without getting to emotional, I'll just say that I miss it a lot and I'm counting down the days till I can go back. Home to me is Toronto. I'm not originally from there or anything, but it's where I went to College and University. It's a place where I personally think that I did most of my "growing up" and also a place where my friends are. 

If you've never been to Toronto, one thing I can say about the city and the people are that they are extremely loyal to the city. There's a sense of pride everywhere you look, and it's unlike anything I've witnessed before. I've lived all over Canada in my short 22 years, but I've never been in a place like Toronto before. People are proud to call Toronto home, which I can understand and relate too. 

To represent Toronto, there are countless brands that have been created and operate out of the six. One of these brands that I adore is the 416 Company. For those of you who are not familiar with Toronto, 416 is the main area code. I initially fell in love with the 416 Company when I saw their logo, which is the numbers 416, with the 1 being in the shape of the CN Tower. It's an iconic location in Toronto and I love how the 416 Company have incorporated it into their logo. 

The 416 Company was so kind and sent me a few of their products. One is their signature snap back, which by the way is perfect for the summer. The other product is a phone case, with the TTC (Toronto Transit Cars) on it. 

The quality of this brand is impeccable. The first thing I noticed when I opened up the package was the luxuriousness of the phone case. I fell in love immediately. It's made out of wood, which is something I love. I've had a few wooden phone cases before but all of them were a lighter color of wood with little to no seal on it which meant one of two things; 1) my jeans usually stained the wood, and/or 2) I would get splinters from the phone case. Those things haven't happened with this phone case.

Another huge thing I have noticed is how detailed the brand is. I find a lot of the times brands will just stick their logo on something and that's it, factory made. However, the detailing is outstanding. You can really tell them from their phone cases especially.  

I honestly couldn't be more impressed with the quality and overall brand. I'm extremely grateful to the 416 Company for giving me a chance to work with them and to own a little bit of home away from home. It's also so nice to wear these products out and receive compliments, and to share stories with other people I run into that are from Toronto or just love it as much as I do. I'll leave you with a couple of selfies, because why not? P.S. - Apologies for the quality and brightness #gingerproblems

Have you ever been to Toronto? What was your favorite thing about the six? Would you buy products that represent where you're from? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below! A massive thank you to the 416 Company, you guys are incredible! You can check out their Instagram here!

All the love,

** Products have been sent to me for consideration. However, all opinions and pictures are my own. **
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