A Healthy Change // Slendertoxtea Review

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Hi loves,

This month I wanted to try something a little different, and incorporate some health/lifestyle blog posts here on my blog. I recently ended a fitness challenge, in which I kick-started some of my fitness goals. I cut at least 10 inches off some of my 'problem areas', which is great. But, I know that the journey ahead is long.

A few weeks back, The Bloggers Hub hosted a Twitter party, that was filled with some amazing brands that were gifting bloggers. (If you guys haven't signed up for this yet, I highly recommend it, and it's free to sign up!) In the party, I noticed that Slendertoxtea was participating, and I was so excited. I have heard so many things about them, and they were popping up more and more on my Instagram feed. Slendertoxtea was generous enough to send me their 14 day cleanse to try out and review for you guys.

You can purchase Slendertoxtea here, £19.99

Personally, I had never tried any tea/detox cleanse. Mainly because I usually cannot stand tea, or anything that tastes remotely different from what I'm used to. Having said that, I was still excited to try out Slendertoxtea.

The 14 Day pack comes with a daytox version, as well as a 'sleeptox' one. The sleep one is recommended for every two days. Slendertoxtea has the following benefits; (1) Colon cleanse // (2) Feel refreshed // (3) Increased Energy // (4) Promotes Healthy Change. For me, the biggest benefit has been promoting a healthy change. I'm not sure if you guys feel like this too, but if there's even the littlest big of difference I am more motivated to stick with something!

I haven't done the full 14 day trial yet, but I have started it and I am really impressed. So far, I am less than the half way mark and I am down 2 lbs. I really think that this is a great way to start the next challenge that I will be doing, starting shortly. It has been a great starting point thus far, to just wipe the slate clean and start with a new beginning. I think that this cleanse works the best in conjunction with a good workout plan! Also, Slendertoxtea has a free healthy eating plan up on their website which is super helpful. Also, it's not any weird food that I've never heard of before so that's a bonus!

The ingredients in the two different teas are familiar similar and include: Hawthorn grain, red bean, sterling bean, radish leaf, camellia seed, camellia flower, green tea and fennel seeds. Slendertoxtea has a more in depth version of ingredients and how they work on their site, which you can check out here. 

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is starting a fitness journey, or for anyone really who may be looking for a good detox!

Thank you so much Slendertoxtea and The Bloggers Hub for giving me the opportunity! Also, for those of you interested, but maybe not into tea, Slendertoxtea has a variety of products that you can try. I think the next thing I will order will have to be the shake! I hope that you guys have liked this different style of blog post, and if you are interested I will keep you guys posted with my journey!

Have you ever tried Slendertoxtea? What motivates you for a healthier lifestyle? And maybe the most important question of all, Who hates giving up chocolate?

Thanks so much for reading,

** All pictures are my own. This product was sent to me for my consideration, however all opinions are my own. **
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