What's In My Bag // Featuring Flo Accessories

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Happy Monday!

I hope you guys are doing well! I am officially done with my undergraduate degree and couldn't be more relieved. I am so excited to put more of my time and effort into blogging!

Today I wanted to share what I typically carry in my purse. I don't know about you guys, but I personally love reading these posts and watching videos on YouTube about this (I might be a little nosy!).

Typically, I only carry the basics in my purses, because I find if I start carry around a bunch of random things, I lose the things I actually need. At the moment, I have alternating between my Victoria's Secret leopard coin purse and my Kate Spade wallet for things like cash and cards. I love the coin/card pouch because it will fit into my smaller purses and it forces me to just carry what I absolutely need. The next is hand lotion, this is a must and I have the same thing in basically every bag I have ever carried because if I don't have it with me my hands hate me!

Kate Spade wallet (buy similar here) // L'Oreal Infallible Powder Foundation // Too Faced Melted in Peony $25 // EOS hand lotion // Victoria's Secret Coin Pouch (buy similar here)

The next items are a bit more beauty related. I don't tend to carry around a ton of makeup with me. At most, I have one or two of my favorite lip glosses, or lipsticks if I happen to be wearing that particular one, and then I carry around a powder foundation. I probably would carry around more makeup if I carried a larger purse, but for the past little while I have only been using smaller purses. The next item in my bag is a mirror. I always have a mirror with me no matter what, because if I look at myself on my camera that's in my phone people think I'm taking a selfie. #selfiesinpublic

Bag // Target

Recently I have discovered the brand Flo Accessories. They are an affordable brand that makes beauty accessories like mirrors, perfume atomizers, etc. When I first discovered their brand I fell in love, especially with their Mini Celebrity LED Mirror. There have been so many times when I need or want to use my mirror when it's dark, but I don't want to turn on the flash on my phone or there aren't any other lights around. This mirror is absolutely perfect. It's compact enough that it will fit in any purse, but big enough to actually be able to see what you're looking at. I also love the fact that you have the option of not using the light. I discovered this brand through The Bloggers Hub, which I mentioned in my last blog post as well. If you haven't signed up for their blogging community I highly recommend it. The Bloggers Hub has been one of my favorite ways to reach out to other bloggers and really be involved in something great! 

The other great thing about Flo Accessories is the price. Even little mirrors can get pricey, but this particular one is $12.99 USD. How amazing is that? The mirror and LED lights definitely make this piece a must-have for any girl! Flo Accessories was kind enough to send me this product to see just how amazing it is, so I want to say a massive thank you to them! I will definitely be investing of some of their products like their atomizers because who doesn't need perfume with them at all times?!

Have you guys ever tried Flo Accessories? What do you carry in your handbag? I tag all of you to do this!

Thanks so much for reading,

** All pictures are my own. This product was sent to me for my consideration, however I am not being paid to talk about this and all opinions are my own. **
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