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Hello beautiful,

How are you? How's your week going? Today is an exciting day, as I am finally sharing my first Birchbox! I love beauty bags and boxes, and have wanted to try birchbox for a while now. For those of you who haven't heard of Birchbox before, it's a monthly subscription box, where you get 4-5 samples a month based on a survey/profile that is customized to your preferences.

 Up until this month, I was subscribed to Ipsy. I love Ipsy, and think that their beauty bag is great, especially if you live in the U.S.. However, because I live in Canada it made the bag more expensive because the Canadian Dollar is lower than the States. I was being charged around $17/month for the Ipsy bag, which I think it's $10 USD. (I think this is right? Can one of my American friends help me out on this one? <3) 

Anyways, I wanted a change from Ipsy and this is when I realized that Birchbox started up their Canadian branch (cue: happy dance!). Birchbox is $14/month CAD. Which, I think is an incredible deal, especially for this month's box. I couldn't be more impressed or satisfied with my box this month and can't wait to see what is in next months box! So without further ado, let's see what was in my box!

 Right off the bat the box definitely paid for itself. The most exciting thing is this box is definitely the Beauty Blender. I have needed a new one for ages, but have a hard time justifying spending upwards of $26 for a sponge. So I was so happy. As for the other brands in the bag, I had personally never heard of them before. However, I can honestly say that I am in love with everything.

original | $26 CAD

 I received this box approximately a week or so ago and have used the 12 benefits hair treatment every time I have washed my hair and I am in love with it. I usually use my It's a 10 leave-in spray with keratin, however, I think that this spray is just as good. It smells like a salon, but not that overly-processed smell, which is fantastic. Also, it cuts my drying time in half, which is appreciated because I basically turn into a lion after I was my hair (Thanks Ginger genes!). Also, this is a great sample size and will definitely last me a while. It's also perfect because I am approaching a big move and will have the majority of my stuff packed up in boxes for a while, so it's the perfect size to throw in my bag and have it with me at all times.

12 Benefits
Instant Healthy Hair Treatment | Full-size $26

I'm also really impressed with the highlighter that came in this box. Lately I have really gotten into highlighters and illuminaters. I'm trying to master the whole dewy look, and if you guys would be interested in a blog post, I would be more than happy to do one! This Jelly Pong Pong highlighter, is absolutely gorgeous. It gives just the right amount of highlight without looking too over-the-top. It also blends seamlessly into my makeup and it's not drying in the slightest!

Jelly Pong Pong
GLOW GETTER Highlighter | Full size $16.50

Next up, the perfume. Now I'll be honest, when I filled out my survey/profile I put in that I wanted to receive as few perfume samples as possible. Usually, I end up hating the perfume and I am usually disappointed. However, I love the sample that I got this month. It's the Harvey Prince 'Hello' perfume, which is described as a 'cheerful citrus with floral notes.' I'm not the biggest fan of citrus or floral, and when I looked at the packaging I was iffy about if I was going to like it. I personally do not think that this perfume has any citrus scent to it and it falls in line with how my other perfume smells, so I love it. I would definitely recommend this perfume to any girl that wears a more heavier scent, for example those girls who love musk and sandalwood.

Harvey Prince
'Hello' Perfume | Full Size $62

The last item is the Perlier Revitalizing Body Butter. As soon as I saw the scent, White Almond, I knew I was going to love it. In fact, it's already made it's way into my bag. It's extremely nourishing and smells amazing.
Revitalizing Body Butter - White Almond | Full Size $19.50-$29.50

Overall, I am in love with Birchbox. For those of you who may be on the fence about ordering it, I would highly recommend subscribing!

Are you subscribed to birchbox? Have you ever tried any of these products? What's your favorite beauty bag/box? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading,

** This is not a sponsored blog post. All pictures are my own. **
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