Benefit Roller Lash // Review

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Hi lovelies,

I'm so sorry that I've been MIA for the last little bit. I'm in the home stretch of school, and it has been consuming all my time to keep on top of things! Currently I have 14 days left of classes and I couldn't be more excited to be done!

Today I wanted to review Benefit's Roller Lash for you even though I know that there are already so many reviews out there! A couple of weeks ago when I was at Sephora they gave me a sample of it to try, and I was so excited when they did. Personally, I love Benefit. There aren't very many products from Benefit that I have tried and disliked, so I had a feeling I would love this mascara.

If you've read my blog for a while now, you know how much I love(d) the They're Real mascara. I can always count on that mascara to have a good lash day. Now, I think I can count on the Roller Lash to have my lash game on point as well.

I applied two coasts of the Roller Lash, and I am wearing L'Oreal's Infallible eye liner. 

For starters, I love the packaging. And, from what I've seen of the full size version I think it's great. The mascara wand has a slight curl too it, which is this mascaras claim to fame. I usually don't have an issue with my eyelashes curling, because they're fairly curly to begin with. However, I do think that this mascara keeps my eyelashes looking better longer. What I have noticed with a lot of my other mascaras is that half way through the day it's like the length disappears. Does this happen to anyone else? The Roller Lash claims to hold for 12 hours, and having worn this a few times before doing a review I would definitely say that that's true.

This mascara is $29.00 CAD, which is pricey, but falls in line with the rest of Benefit's mascaras. I will definitely be purchasing a full size version when the sample runs out.

Have you guys tried this mascara? Do you guys like Benefit's mascara usually? Let me know in the comments below!

** All opinions are my own.. **
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