Urban Decay: Perversion Mascara Review!

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Hey beauty lovers!

Often times I feel as though the search will go on forever. Questions of whether or not there is something better sitting on the shelves flash through my mind. I am, of course, talking about finding the perfect mascara. That mascara that makes people do a double take and ask the question, "Are you wearing fake eyelashes?" If I could master the art of applying fake eyelashes daily, I would, but for now, finding just the right mascara will have to do. When looking for a mascara I want to ensure that it's black, the darker the better. I also want it to make my eyelashes long, without clumps of course. Ticking off all the boxes in a girl's perfect mascara can be quite challenging, however, I may have found one that comes pretty close.

If any of you lovely readers sign up for any beauty boxes or bags you may have received a sample of Urban Decay's Perversion mascara. I am currently subscribed to Ipsy, which in short, is a company that sends out a beauty bag every month with 4-5 beauty products in it. In my August 2014 bag, I received a sample size version of Urban Decay's new mascara. I hadn't heard much about the mascara before I received it, but I was excited to try it nonetheless because I usually trust and like the brand.

I was debating on doing a first impressions blog post about the mascara, but figured I should try it out a few times because I am notorious for not liking products the first time I try them. Especially with mascara, I find that a lot of times when I either buy or try out a mascara for the first time the product can seem too wet to work with. Does anyone else have this problem? Anyways, I have been using it for the past two weeks straight, which is pretty good in my opinion for a sample size. Especially because the product is nowhere even close to running out!

To start off the review, I first have to talk about the brush size. It's quite remarkable, and definitely something that would make me want to buy it if I had seen it in a store first. The second thing is the color, it is by far one of the blackest mascaras that I can remember owning. The third is, which is, in my opinion, the most important and that is how it makes my eyelashes look and feel. So far, I have had no issues with the product clumping, and I am undoubtedly on the generous side when applying my mascara. My eyelashes are without a doubt longer looking with the mascara on. You know it's a done deal when people compliment you on your eyelashes, it just seems to make your day a little better when you know you have at least that right! Another essential aspect of this mascara is that it does not crumble or have any fall-out throughout the day. I have spent more money than I would like to admit on well-known mascara's that, after a few hours of wear, crumble at the touch and that is without putting an excessive amount of it on!


The only downfall I would say that I have found with the mascara is the wetness of the product. After getting used to the consistency of it and learning how to manage it, it's fine. But, having said that, was a little tricky to get used to when first opening and testing the product.

Another thing I love about the Perversion mascara is the price. In Canada you can find the mascara at Sephora and the retail price is $26. With this price comes the full size mascara which is .40 fl oz. and a sample of the Subversion Lash Primer. The product description on both Urban Decay's site and Sephora's, is that it is supposed to help with lash growth. I'm not sure if I have seen a difference in my lashes when I am not wearing the mascara, but I can tell you guys that I do feel like my lashes look longer when wearing the mascara. The sample size that I received from Ipsy was .1 fl oz., and like I said before I have been using it for about two weeks. In my opinion, I think a little bit of product goes a long way in regards to this mascara.

So the big question is, do I think I will purchase a full size of this once I run out?
       My answer would have to be: YES.

Have you any of you guys tried this mascara? Would you recommend it to someone? What is your holy grail mascara? As always, I would love to hear what you guys are loving at the moment! If you guys have made any blog posts lately please leave them in the comments below as I would love to read them!

Thank you guys so much for reading, and I hope that the last few days of September are great for you!

Becky, x.

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    ** All pictures used in this blog post are my own. This is not a sponsored blog post, all ideas and opinions are my own. The Ipsy linked that is used throughout the blog post is tied to my personal account with the company and earns me points if signed up using that link. No monetary gains are made through the points. **
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